• Managed Cloud IT Services Provider using Microsoft Cloud

    IT Task Force provides Managed IT Services nationwide and is a leading Cloud Services Provider. We help you optimize your IT Infrastructure using the complete Microsoft Azure Stack of Cloud Services.

Assess Migration Suitability, Right-sizing, and Costs before moving On-Premises Resources to the Azure Cloud

IT Task Force Azure Migration QuickStart is designed to assess and plan your migration to the Azure Cloud. IT Task Force can help you extend or move your data-centre to Microsoft Azure while closely planning the migration. You will get a cost estimate that takes into account right-sizing, instance type planning, reserved instances, and hybrid use benefit, which together can save up to 82% over standard pricing.



Lower hardware & operating costs


Faster server & infrastructure deployment


Average savings using the cloud


Less physical hardware required

Selecting your Cloud Partner

Choosing a business partner is a big decision. In today’s business environment, where cloud technology is fast becoming standard and more of the key systems that you rely on to run your business require stable technology platforms, the reliance on your technology partner is increasing dramatically. You need a partner that understands the challenges of rapid change and limited budgets; a partner that provides you with plain English advice and support, while working with you to manage costs; a partner that simplifies technology to provide stable, highly available systems; and a partner that actively manages security and risk, so you can sleep at night. Select the cloud technology partner you can trust.

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